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My cell phone has been acting really buggy the last couple of months - screen not working, random screens popping up, touch screen unresponsive - I've been unable to check my messages except by dialing in on a landline for a couple of months now. This all coincides with when I started receiving messages from my wireless provider that I was eligible for an upgrade (and therefore would have to sign another contract). The phone has been acting worse and worse, and the messages have become more frequent. The two probably aren't connected, but I'm suspicious none-the-less - particularly with the threat of the US carriers like Verizon moving in, and giving our carriers some actual competition.

Brain bleach needed, please

Dear creepy guy in the skimpy, spandex underwear with your butt cheeks hanging out, and nothing else:

If you're too broke ass to pay the gym drop in, too lazy to get some free exercise equipment off craiglist, and absolutely must exercise in fresh air and use a children's playground as your personal workout centre, then please do so in the dead of night, and not in the middle of the day, at a park, next to a library and rec centre. Those are for kids, and if you see a kid and his mother approaching, the correct action is to leave. And put some damn clothes on. Do not smile and wave, and continue doing chin ups. No. We cannot share the park. No, I don't care if there is lots of space on the other side of the play structure. We still aren't sharing. No. I will not ask you to leave because I think you are sufficiently icky that I don't want to approach you or interact with you in any way. I will just leave, and fume impotently on LJ, instead.



Rather dated signage

Do you think someone should mention to the owner of this Taekwondo studio, that perhaps he should stop using initials exclusively, and consider writing "World Taekwondo Federation" in full on his signage?

Pope Francis

Any guesses as to whether or not Oscar Romero will finally be canonized under Pope Francis? I'm guessing/hoping yes.

Duquesene Whistle

I've been completely loving this song. I find Bob Dylan very hit or miss, but this song is definitely a hit for me. Warning. The video, is rather WTF. If you haven't already heard it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

bed bugs in public libraries

Bedbugs have been found in pretty much all of the lower mainland libraries. They are all taking measures to try to control the issue. There will be periodic inspections with sniffer dogs, and books coming from known problem sources will be put aside for special handling, but even still, the whole beg bug thing has me really freaked out.

We have a really busy and chaotic household. Dealing with bedbugs is a huge nightmare, and I cannot imagine adding the stress of dealing with those little vampires to my already overfull plate. Our kids are avid readers, and we're heavy, heavy, heavy library users. I can't cut the kids off from books. I can't and won't buy that many books. We've been borrowing eBooks from the library and downloading them onto the eReader, but even that's very hit and miss, and the selection isn't stellar (though the libraries are adding to their collection at an impressive rate). Still, I'm terrified. Terrified, I say, of bringing home bedbugs from the library. I know people can get them from just about anywhere, but when it becomes a known source, when I know which shelf the affected books were on, it becomes much more real, and immediate, and scary than an ambiguous "anywhere".

And all this thinking about bedbugs has me worrying about other stuff too. I recently discovered that Norwalk viruses can live on surfaces for two weeks -same thing with hepatitis. I often see the library clerks spraying the covers of books and wiping them down. If wonder if that's why. But what about the soft cover books? No one is spraying those. I have found crusted snot (I think?) in library books. I've visited friends and seen library books stacked in their bathroom. I wonder if the most recent library book that I read accompanied the previous borrower to the bathroom while they did their business?

For as long as I can remember, libraries have been a second home to me. They're packed with old friends, and new friends waiting to be cracked open. I've been hauling the kids to libraries since they were born, and now the library is a second home to them too.

I'm annoyed with myself for letting my paranoia over bedbugs - and let's face it, they're here to stay; dealing with them is quickly becoming a fact of life - ruin my/our favorite refuge.
After the completely inedible saffron icing incident, I have taken to googling my culinary inspirations to see if recipes (and therefore quantities and ratios of ingredients) already exist. Perhaps I'm really tame, but I must admit I'm more than a little surprised, not that my ideas already exist, but the extent to which they exist. I've volunteered to contribute some baking to my daughter's ballet school for their annual bake sale. I've been toying with a few ideas, and I had thrown a few pomegranates in our grocery basket today, so I thought, "Hmm...I love pomegranates. Maybe I can do something with pomegranates for the bake sale. Hmm...I also love cheesecake. I wonder if those two flavours would work together?" And lo and behold, they do. Apparently I've been missing out - big time."Pomegranate cheesecake recipe" resulted in 4920 results.

A Milestone, of Sorts

Today, I found my first grey hair. It was white, actually, and wiry. Well, I guess my husband will soon discover that I wasn't joking when I told him years ago, that I refused to be a slave to a bottle of colour, and that when it was time for me to go grey, then I was going to roll with it.

I just didn't realize that it would be so soon. It's another reminder that I'm not a kid anymore. I haven't been for ages, and I haven't been able to pass as one for ages. Depending on how fast this progresses, I may soon have people guessing my age as older than I actually am instead of younger.

I had always hoped that I would take after my grandfather who only had a handful of greys by his late 70s. Evidently, I take more after my grandmother. Of course, stress doesn't help, I'm sure...

Poll #1770239 going grey

Grey hair

Belongs on people over 60
Should be flaunted
Should be covered


Nothing lasts forever, I guess. LJ has been a ghost town lately, so I've started a Dreamwidth account just to be on the safe side. I'm mahogany over there, too if you want to add me.

I'm so excited

This is the year I've decided to start fermenting stuff.

To get my feet wet, I've started with Water Kefir, Milk Kefir, and Filmjolk. They are all sitting on my counter fermenting away as we speak. If things go my way, the entire family will be bursting with probiotics!

Speaking of the entire family. Remember when I calculated the shocking amount of oranges we went through? Well, we went blueberry and strawberry picking last week, and of 10lbs of strawberries, and 35lbs of blueberries, only half is left. O.o I was thinking that would last us till Christmas. I'm going out again tomorrow, and this time, I'm coming home with at least 100lbs. This is why I can never seem to stock up on stuff. I grossly underestimate the volume of food my family consumes.